PR Friendly Blog

Does your company have something that is outdoors related and would like a review posted here? I’d like to do that! Feel free to contact me and let me know more about your product you would like reviewed. Here are some general rules:

  • The product must be related to the outdoors and family safe.
  • The review will be written by me, I will look at a press release but the review will be in my own words.
  • You must send a product for me to review or a link to download it if it’s a digital product.
  • I get to keep or do what I want with the product after the review.

I also recommend doing a giveaway with a product review. That is a great way to get exposure to your product. If you would like to conduct a give away on Great Wild Outdoors here are some general rules:

  • You agree to ship the product to the winner and pay all shipping charges. Please try to ship the product to the winner within 7 days.
  • Giveaways run between 7 and 14 days and the length of the giveaway is generally set by me. Let me know if there is a specific length of time you would like.

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