How to Maintain RV Trailers on Budget

by Justin on October 9, 2019

Maintaining an RV on a Budget

Maintaining an RV on a Budget

Owning an RV trailer or camper is a wish of many, but only some of them fulfill that wish. One of the ‘aggravating circumstances’ is the financial aspect. Buying an RV tow-vehicle can be a significant investment, even if you buy a used vehicle.

You only need trailer only a few times a year, so many of you are probably wondering what pays off more – to buy a car or rent an RV trailer. If you’re not into buying a vehicle you won’t need that often. Here’s a list of other reasons why renting is more cost-effective.

Those who want complete freedom in organizing the holidays, and who have enough money to afford an RV will do that without thinking. Maintaining and servicing a tow-vehicle does not have to cost a little fortune if they regularly check their RV trailers and adhere to specific rules.

Check Electronics

Electronics are essential for safe driving, especially during the night. The vehicle headlamps must be entirely correct, and this applies to the tow-vehicle. Before each trip, check the connections between the car and the RV trailer and the lightening of both vehicles. After the RVing, make sure to clean towing components.

A reliable electrical connection between the vehicles, for example, enables the trailer to turn on the tail lights when hitting the brake. Since the tow-vehicles are usually wide, the one behind you cannot always notice brake lights on your car. Those on the RV trailer are of great importance for general road safety.

Driving a motorhome or towing an RV trailer requires adhering to specific rules on the road. More about them read on the link:

Roof and Awning

Maintain Your Roof & Awning

Maintain Your Roof & Awning

Your RV trailer is your home on wheels all the time while on vacation. A roof is an essential element of any ‘home,’ and regular checks of this part should be on your ‘to-do’ list. The roof of the trailer itself mustn’t leak; as for the awning (movable ‘roof’), it should be stable and clean. Most trailers have a rubber, aluminum or fiberglass roof. All of these materials are quite durable but not completely waterproof. Each requires regular maintenance, and it is best to buy a suitable sealer and to remove dirt from the roof of the trailer after each trip. You mostly use awning when you park the vehicle, so you want to stay in front of it – something like an improvised terrace. It is usually made of firm fabric. Its maintenance is pretty straightforward – you need water and a brush, possibly a mild detergent, to remove dust and mud from it. Make sure to dry it entirely before packing, so that awning doesn’t rot.

Tire Inspection

Check tires at the beginning of summer and winter when you should switch pneumatics according to weather conditions. Depending on the mileage you go, these checks may be more frequent. Although a tire has a specific service life, many factors can influence its wear. As soon as you notice the first cracks and splits, it is better to replace it in time.

Tire pressure must be constant to maintain vehicle stability. In this case, take care of the trailer overload. It is safer to carry less stuff to keep your wheels free, especially if you are planning a trip up the mountain. Useful resources like can give you tips on how to behave while driving in hilly areas, and how on the open road.

Regular Drainage

All three tanks (one for fresh water and two for toilet and sink) should be cleared frequently, preferably after each trip, although you can do that whenever needed. Each time, wash the tanks after emptying.

It is recommended that you pour fresh water at home. Only then will you know the quality. Wastewater collection can cause odors and the development of germs and algae. Use special cleaners and sanitizers. They mainly contain chlorine, which is proven to be useful for disinfecting tanks.

Cleaning the inside of an RV trailer should be a must. It doesn’t differ much than cleaning a home. Although the cleanliness of the interior does not affect the functionality of the vehicle, it can affect the comfort of staying in it.

How do you maintain your RV on a budget? Leave a comment below. I appreciate all comments from my readers. ~ Justin

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