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Hi! Thanks for stopping by my about me page I made just for my twitter friends. What would you like to know about me? Feel free to ask. I have one son who is in his teens. I have a cat named Jerry who is a year older than my son. I like in Northern KY. Some times I’ll write a tech post on my other blog.

This site: I really enjoy the outdoors. I like doing pretty much anything from just sitting around relaxing my a fire to fishing and camping. I don’t do the zip lines and stuff like that. I’m not a big fan of heights. I try to post tips, tricks, and articles here about camping and the outdoors.

Me at the Woodford Reserve Distillery

Me at the Woodford Reserve Distillery

I hope this gives you enough information to feel ok about following me on twitter. Can I ask a favor of you? Would you mine liking this site on facebook? It’s the facebook thing on the right side. Just click like and you will be able to keep up with this site on facebook. If you do not do facebook you can subscribe by email to my newsletter. Thanks!

So why connect with me on twitter? Here are some reasons:

  • Sometimes I’m funny on there
  • I post some outdoor pics I find on twitter.
  • I’m more active on there it’s easier to interact quickly with you than writing and editing a post
  • I have an outdoors people on twitter list that you can also follow.
  • I’m a cool guy and you should follow me!


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