Kayaking Blue Ridge Reservoir

by Charles Golden II on July 24, 2017

Kayaking the Blue Ridge Reservoir

Kayaking the Blue Ridge Reservoir

Arizona is full of great waterways that are fun to paddle through, but few will give the peaceful voyage that you will experience at Blue Ridge Reservoir. Paddle through this mountain reservoir on kayak for a relaxing adventure that offers beautiful scenes and sounds.

In northern Arizona, the small Blue Ridge Reservoir beckons visitors down an approximately 4.5-mile dirt road off the Beeline Highway, just north of the small town of Strawberry, AZ. The long and winding stretch of calm water cast in an unbeatable alpine setting is surprisingly warm throughout spring and summer, despite the elevation. Coast through this tranquil scene characterized by driftwood, pine trees, and beautifully carved rock formations with the only soundtrack being the quiet hums of nature. Traffic to this lake each time I visited in the spring was so miniscule that, once I paddled a short distance from the dock, I didn’t notice a single person. Boats here are restricted to 10hp, which means kayakers don’t have to compete with wake from larger boats, and I have yet to see a boat with an engine nearby the reservoir. It seems to me that not many people are aware the reservoir even exists, which makes it a great secret escape when you need to get away. My last kayaking trip to the reservoir was in early June, and it is perhaps the best time to visit. The water was set just below the waterline, but the canyon that forms Blue Ridge Reservoir is deep and nothing was lost as the scenery was gorgeous and the water was warmer than my pool on the surface. The fish were very active near sunset, although I was only there for the peace of nature—and boy was it present! Unlike the busier lakes of Arizona, this secluded reservoir was near silent; I was in a serene paradise.

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