Field and Stream Survival Guide: A Book Review

by Justin on February 28, 2014

Field and Stream Outdoor Survival Guide

Field and Stream Outdoor Survival Guide

Teach yourself the Survival Skills you need

The Field & Stream Outdoor Survival Guide is a great all-around survuval guide. The book features 95 essential skills. Outdoor skills such as:

  • Multiple ways to build a fire: with a knife, how to start a fire with steel wool and a battery, how to make a bow drill to start a fire, how to find and make tinder, and even a fire bed to stay warm at night!
  • Ways to find cover: build a lean-too, survive in a cave, how to build a swamp shelter, how to build a shelter from branches and leaves,
  • Basic survival knots
  • Several different water filtration techniques
  • Different ways to trap and how to cook wild game (including bugs), how to survive on acorns.
  • Map reading
  • How to survive a bear attack (although the last step is spray and pray which seems odd)

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