Easy DIY Snow Brick Maker

by Justin on December 23, 2013

Easy DIY Snow Brick Maker

Easy DIY Snow Brick Maker

Snow day! The kids are off school and want to play outside. It’s easy enough to make round snow balls but what if they want to make a cool snow fort or igloo? I have found a simple DIY snow brick maker that you can make with an empty cat little jug.

Tools required:

  • Empty and cleaned out cat litter jug
  • A razor knife or Exact-o knife
  • Optional: a drill
  • Optional: Great Wild Outdoor stickers

Materials needed to build a DIY snow brick maker


  1. Using a sharp razor knife cut the outer plastic off
  2. Using the knife carefully cut open the jug. I did mine so it would do bricks about 5 inches tall
  3. Optional: Using a drill cut holes in the lid so that the bricks will come out smoothly. You could also just loosen or remove the lid.
    Step 3 drill holes in the lid
  4. Optional: Decorate with Great Wild Outdoors stickers. Want a couple stickers? Leave a comment and I will email you for your information. (I bought my stickers at Sticker Mule and highly reccommend them.)
    Add a Great Wild Outdoors sticker

That’s it really. Pretty simple. I thought of this when our old neighbor was asking where I bought my snow brick maker and I thought I didn’t even need to buy it. I would show how it works but unfortunately we do not have any snow here 🙁

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave your comments below.

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