Featured Outdoor Blogger: Ben From the Peavine

by Justin on August 26, 2013

Featured Blogger: Ben From the Peavine

Featured Blogger: Ben From the Peavine

Ben’s blog is From The Peavine

Here is some more about Ben:

My favorite outdoor activity would without a doubt be hunting whitetail with a bow or gun (or sometimes I take both!) Shooting my bow with some friends in the backyard is always a good time and if there is a 3D archery tournament within driving distance, I’m usually there! I also like to study up on how to disassemble different kinds of firearms. I’m looking forward to doing more fishing and brushing up on my outdoor skills in the near future.

The top spot on my list for hunting is the family farm located in Jefferson County here in Arkansas. I grew up a lot here during the summer months when school was out. You can literally walk into over 34,000 acres of public hunting grounds just by crossing a ditch from our property. When I go camping, I like to set up at Petit Jean State Park (also in AR) but you really can’t go wrong with any state park in Arkansas!

My nephew (5 years old) finally got to go hunting with me last year and we got to see some deer! I think I was more excited than he was. I’ve been showing him things about gardening and how to have respect for the outdoors by leaving it cleaner than you found it. Can’t wait until he gets his first deer!

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