Winegard Rayzar HDTV Antenna Review

by Justin on July 16, 2013

Winegard Rayzar inside RV

Rayzar inside RV

The folks at Winegard were kind enough to send me one of their compact Rayzar antennas for review. I checked it out and also let my Step Father check it out in their RV.

Compared digital HDTV reception versus the tradition crank-up batwing antenna on the RV:

  • Batwing with amplifier on: 8 stations
  • Rayzar with amplifier off: 8 stations
  • Rayzar with amplifier on: 13 stations (the 5 additions station are from Dayton, 50 miles away)

Some of the pluses of the Rayzar antenna are:

  • Cable is nice and long.
  • Option to use either a USB port on the TV or regular plug-in to power the amplifier

The only minus was the short USB cord may make plugging in to a regular outlet challenging.

Some cool features of the Winegard Rayzar are:

  • Is designed to provide near Blu-Ray® image quality
  • Ensures viewers will receive most broadcast programs because of its dual band technology
  • Has a reception range of broadcast TV signals that reaches 50 miles
  • Has an extra long coax cable and suction cup clips for quick, optimal placement
  • Is a mere .34 lb and 0.43 mm thick ultra thin antenna element so it can be placed just about anywhere

I really liked the antenna however it would be nice if the antenna had a case or sleeve for those who intend to use it as a portable outdoor antenna.

The Rayzar is made in the USA and is available at Camping World,, and many RV dealers.

Rayzar outside view

Rayzar outside view

What is included with your Winegard Rayzar

What's included with your Winegard Rayzar

What are your thoughts? Have you tried the Rayzar when RVing or tent camping? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks!

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