Great American Backyard Campout is June 22, 2013

by Justin on June 17, 2013

Backyard Campout

Backyard Campout

The Great American Backyard is coming up! It’s this coming Saturday night, June 22, 2013! Time to get the tent all setup in your backyard (or a friends backyard) and camp out with the kids. This is a great camping event. We do it every year and try to let the neighbors know about it in case they are interested in joining us.

Camping / outdoors tip: Only have one child? My son would also ask a friend when he was young. He was our only kid so it gave him someone to play with outside. He enjoyed it and they would run around, usually trying to catch fireflies.

Are you new to camping? Last year I made a short list of items you might need for your backyard campout. You do not need a lot of stuff. Food, wood for a campfire, tent, sleeping bags, pillows, and chairs. What ever else you want to bring to your back yard campout is up to your family. One thing we usually try to make are s’mores. Looking to spice up your s’mores recipe for your campout? How about minty s’mores or the quick and easy Fudge Stripe s’mores recipe? The kids always ask for s’mores when we’re camping and have a campfire going and the easier to make the better, right?

Bring out a telescope and you have the perfect night for camping out and enjoying time watching the stars. If your kids have a bedtime routine like watching a little TV to unwind have them do it, but bring something outside. It won’t take long for them to tire out if they have been outside playing for a while. They will be in the tent in their sleeping bags before you know it!

Here is the official NWF Backyard Campout page. You can learn more about the campout there.

Some technology is ok for kids when camping

My nephews watching tv while camping

Backyard Campout Banner

Backyard Campout Banner

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