Featured Outdoor Blogger: Ron Loeber

by Justin on April 19, 2013

I would like to welcome featured outdoor blogger Ron Loeber. I found Ron through my journeys on twitter. That’s how I find a lot of great people to connect with. If you’re on twitter please follow me. I am also finishing up Ron’s “Campside Chef” book and will be doing a review on here the upcoming weeks.

Featured Outdoor Blogger: Ron!

Featured Outdoor Blogger: Ron!

Ron blogs at Campside Chef

My favorite outdoor activity: Hiking, camping, cooking, fishing, boating.

High peak cooking adventures!

High peak cooking adventures!

Any favorite places for your outdoor activity? The New York State Park system is wonderful. There are so many places and things to do within it.

When did you get interested in your favorite outdoor activity? Basically, as soon as I had my own car and I could drive places. This is when I started to explore the great outdoors on a regular basis. This goes back to the early 1990’s.

Are you doing anything to teach others about your activity? I have been doing outdoor cooking demonstrations at a few state parks the past two years but plan on doing more in the near future. There is also a lot of great advice &information on my website. Even though I’m a business I get a lot of satisfaction from teaching others about the outdoors and especially cooking in the outdoors.

Here are some ways to connect with Ron outside of his blog:
Facebook: Facebook: CampsideChefcom
Twitter: Twitter: @CampsideChef
Googleplus: Google+: CampsideChef

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