Camping at Boone’s Landing

by Justin on December 11, 2012

Northern KY Camping at Boone's Landing

Northern KY Camping at Boone's Landing

A couple of months ago we loaded up the van and went to try out a new local campground: Boone’s Landing. I had heard about it from a facebook friend and wanted to go see how it was. Upon pulling up we were greeted by a friendly staff member who when I said we were there to check in for camping went and got our parking pass without even asking our name. He gave us directions on how to get to the site I had reserved. Before I forget to mention this, I registered online. Super convenient. And no online registration fee.


Our campsite was site number one. It is one of the first sites you come up to. It is right along the Big Bone Creek. First thing I forgot: our fishing poles. Dang. More later. The campsites are fairly large. Our neighbors had two large tents setup on their site. We just had one tent and had a lot of extra room. The camp store is also fairly well stocked. Carrying everything I forgot to bring: charcoal, lighter fluid (I forgot my tripod grill so I could cook over the campfire). They also had campfire wood in bundles. They didn’t have any made up but the guy quickly had us a couple of bundles ready to go. Toilet is primitive: an outhouse. If you want to walk further they do have a bath house with showers and restrooms. The camp sites are also primitive, meaning no electrichookups. Campground check in time is 2:00 PM and checkout time is 1:00 PM.

We talked to our neighbor who was there celebrating his birthday. He said they were from Lexington and this is his favorite place to camp. I see now why it’s his favorite.

Camp Food

Foil cooking - baked potato for camping food

Foil cooking - baked potato for camping food

Since this was a quick camping trip not a whole lot of food was needed. For dinner that night we had a recipe I found online for baked potatoes. You bake a potato, cut slices down it, and stuff the slices with bacon, ham, and cheese. Then cover it back up in foil. When you’re ready to eat you can toss it in the campfire or hear it up on your grill. We also brought some fruit and chips for dinner.

For breakfast we had biscuits and gravy. I cooked the biscuits the night before on the grill while the coals were hot. The biscuits were the kind in a tube. For the gravy I heated that up in a plastic container that I sat in boiling water from the grill. It took our container about 15 minutes to get nice and warm. It was a good filling breakfast and gave us the energy we needed to pack up camp that day.

The best part: Freeze dried ice cream! The boys liked it a lot! This will definitely be part of our next camp out. This made for a great evening snack and would also be great for a stop on the hiking trail.

Camping Entertainment (Fishing!!)

Cortney fishing

Cortney fishing

The boys had fun camping. The campground has a swing set for the kids to use and we also brought along a scooter. The scooter would kinda go on the road, but not real good as it isn’t paved in the camping area. We also brought along a frisbee and football for entertainment. Speaking of entertainment: I mentioned we forgot our fishing poles but it turns out the camp store rents poles! We rented a pole and my girlfriend was able to get a signal on her phone and went to the KY Department of Natural Rescources site and purchased a one day fishing license. They gave her a code to give if someone came around and asked for her license. The creek was filled with little bait stealers. Some of the did just that but she managed to catch several of them. We unhooked them and put them back in the creek. We used wax worms for bait. A little less messy than using night crawlers, and the fish didn’t seem to mind. I didn’t do any fishing my job was to help if a fish needed the hook out of it’s mouth. I didn’t want to have to rent a fishing pole and pay for a license. Just as much fun watching her catch fish for me as fishing.

Boat Rental

Pontoon rental boat

Pontoon rental boat

They do have a landing for boats and also rent pontoon boats and canoes for people to cruise up and down the river. We did not rent a boat but thought it would be fun to rent a pontoon boat if we went camping with another family.

Overall Campground Thoughts

I recommend this campground. The 2 staff members I talked with were really helpful and the grounds are clean. The other campers were also really nice and it wasn’t the partying type of campers. They were also families who were there to have a good time and relax. We also decided that the next camp out will be a 2 day camp out so we could sit back and relax at the campground a little bit longer. The campground does have a web cam that is focused on the boat dock if you would like to see what’s going on. I watched and didn’t see a whole lot. If you’re looking for a fun place to camp in the Northern Kentucky area I definitely recommend Boone’s Landing.

Click here for more pictures from our camping trip to Boone’s Landing campground

Have you been to Boone’s Landing? What did you think? Do you have a favorite local place to camp? Feel free to share in the comments area.

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Samantha D. December 11, 2012 at 5:03 pm

Thanks for the great review, it sounds like a campsite i’d like to stop by. Next trip through Kentucky i’ll have to check it out.


Justin December 11, 2012 at 8:16 pm

Definitely worth a nights stay. It was awesome waking up next to the river.


Tiffany December 22, 2012 at 11:01 am

Looks like ya’ll had a lot of fun! Even a one day camping trip can be so refreshing and get you away from the stress of daily life. Of course, I always find myself scoping out the campgrounds for a longer adventure later- writing down numbers to some campsites I would like to try to grab in the future:)


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