Featured Outdoor Blogger: Eileen Ringwald

by Justin on November 25, 2012

Featured outdoors blogger Eileen Ringwald

Eileen Ringwald

I’d like to welcome featured outdoors blogger Eileen Ringwald.



Eileen’s blog is at Rockgrrl.com

Eileen’s favorite outdoor activity is rock climbing. Her favorite climbing spot is Yosemite National Park and she first started rock climbing in the early ’90’s.

Are you doing anything to teach others about your activity? Helping kids out, teaching classes, youtube videos: I’ve taken out friends and family to rock climb and also organize and attend climbing tweetups where I try to be helpful to less experienced climbers. I have also posted about how to start rock climbing, tips on camping and climbing and more on my blog.

Eileen has also setup a facebook page for her site at Rockgrrl Community. You can also find her hanging out on twitter as @rockgrrl.

Eileen also has Eileen Descallar Ringwald Photography here you can see and purchase photography prints of landscapes from wilderness areas. I recommend you check out her pictures, they are great!

Please check out Eileen’s site and help the outdoor community by liking her facebook page and following her on twitter.

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