Halloween Safety Tips

by Justin on October 25, 2012

Halloween ninja!

Halloween ninja!

Halloween is coming up! It’s a favorite around our house because it’s cooler out and the kids can’t wait to get their costume on and show it off to their friends. Here are some important Halloween safety rules:

Pre-trick or treating Halloween safety tips

  • Make sure the costume you pick is fire retardant.
  • Choose bright colored clothing if possible.
  • Carry a bright colored pumpkin or bag for your candy.
  • Don’t wear long costumes that might make it easier to trip and fall.
  • If you are wearing make up as part of your costume test it on a small area first to test for allergies.
Blinking spider safety necklace

Blinking spider safety necklace

Trick or treating safety tips

  • Never let your child go trick-or-treating alone. Have them go with friends or with a trusted adult if you cannot go.
  • Instruct trick-or-treaters stay on the sidewalks and paved areas as much as possible and to avoid cutting across yards.
  • Never approach a car.
  • Never enter a home unless it is a trusted friend.
  • If your child is going out with a group let your child know where they are allowed to go and if they are to check back in and at what time.
  • Be sure to ask an adult if it is ok to pet an animal that may be out. Fido may be nervous seeing all of the dressed up trick-or-treaters and on edge.

After trick or treating safety tips

  • Always check over all of your child’s candy before giving candy to them
  • Know how much candy your child has and do not let them store it in their room.
  • Looking for something creative to do with all of that Halloween candy? Consider finding a local dentist participating in the Halloween candy buyback program. These dentists will give the kids various things in exchange for their candy. They then ship off the candy to troops deployed overseas or other groups. It’s a great program for the kids and the troops!
  • Or how about the Switch Witch! She is a witch that exchanges the kids Halloween candy for a toy! How cool is that! The kids get to keep some candy and the rest is switched! Win/win!

Did I miss any tips? Feel free to share them in the comments section! I enjoy hearing from you!

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