August 10, 2012 is National S’mores Day!

by Justin on August 10, 2012

You read the title right! And it’s on a Friday night! Time to get the fire pit out and make some s’mores! Then spend an evening relaxing around the fire. Sure sounds great to me!

Aug 10, 2012 National S'mores Day

Aug 10, 2012 National S'mores Day

Here are a couple of s’mores recipes from Great Wild Outdoors:

Last weekend we made some that were pretty good. I found a chocolate bar that had butterfinger crumbled up in it. It was tasty!

Do you have a s’mores recipe you would like to share? Leave a comment to share with everyone and if you enjoyed this article please use the sharing buttons above to let your friends know about it. Thanks!

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