Featured Outdoor Blogger: Campfire Kam

by Justin on July 18, 2012

Campfire Kam

Campfire Kam

This featured outdoors blogger is Kam AKA “Campfire Kam” who blogs at Campfire Chic (Not pronounced like “chick”). I ran across her blog and her twitter account and facebook page a while ago when looking for new people to check out. I thought her blog was interesting so I contacted her about being a featured blogger here on Great Wild Outdoors.

Here’s what Kam had to say about her favorite outdoor activity.

My favorite outdoor activity is camping, I love spending a few nights under the stars and having a basecamp for other activities like hiking, geocaching, bouldering, and my newest interest: slacklining. My first camping trip was when I was about three years old in the Mammoth Lakes, CA area with my parents and teddy bear. Every year after that, I spent at least one weekend, but mostly a full week, in the Eastern Sierras camping with my parents and younger brother. Camping is great because there are fewer things to distract me from spending time with my campmates, food seems to always taste better when you’re cooking and eating outdoors, and I’m a sucker for a good campfire. I recently took up backpacking, which is a nice combo of two of my favorite things…but this time with a heavier backpack!

I started Campfire Chic after returning from a long weekend in Sequoia National Park. I wanted to share my love of the outdoors with others and hopefully show some non-outdoorsy types that you can still look good when camping/hiking…hence the chic in Campfire Chic. I share my backpacking adventures, tips for first time campers, and other outdoor activities via my blog as a way to teach and share about the outdoors. Some of the post popular posts include 5 Tips for New Campers, Tips for Camping with Children, and a post sharing photos of my most recent backpacking trip in Yosemite. I’ll be going back to Yosemite this July to backpack part of the John Muir Trail. I would love to one day be a park ranger or work for a local outfitter as a guide to take others out on the trail. For now, I’ll stick to blogging and taking my friends car camping and bouldering.

Be sure to check out Kam’s website and subscribe to her updates via RSS or like I did through email.

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