Happy Father’s Day from Great Wild Outdoors

by Justin on June 17, 2012

My son and Dad fishing

My son and Dad fishing

I thought I’d do more than just put Happy Father’s Day up here. I’d write down some memories of growing up and hanging out with my dad. I was probably 10 or so when I got into hunting. I remember having my first BB gun (I still have it) and following my dad into the woods, either by us or out at my Grandpa’s farm. I didn’t realize it then but now I realize I stepped on every stick out there. Probably why his hunts didn’t land much when I tagged along. But I was always welcome to go along with him.

Another favorite past time of my family was fishing. We would go fishing in several local pay lakes. We would also occasionally do an all-night fishing tournament. I don’t remember winning anything but it was fun anyway to stay up late in the night fishing. As long as the fish were biting that day. If not my sister and I were off to find a playground or something to do. My Grandpa also had a couple of ponds on his farm and we would also go fishing out there. That was nice because we would also get to visit with my Grandparent’s and Aunt’s and Uncle’s, some of which were my age.

I remember going to family reunions with my dad. We still usually go every year. It’s a good time to see some of the extended family I don’t get to see much other than occasionally on facebook.

This Sunday visit your dad if he lives close. If not give him a call. Not just for Father’s Day, call your Dad during the week too.

What are your favorite memories of your dad? I would enjoy hearing your thoughts in the comments section below.

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