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by Justin on March 3, 2012

Fishing Blogger Bill Trussell

Fishing Blogger Bill Trussell

I came across Bills website Fishing through life while looking for new and interesting outdoors blogs to add to my reader. I wanted to feature him here and let my readers know about his website. In his latest article Bill writes about spending time with his Grandson and daughter and getting ready for fishing. Here are Bill’s own words:

My name is Bill Trussell an avid fisherman who loves the outdoors. I use to be one of these Trophy Bass Fisherman, one who chase the tournament trail and spent an enormous amount of money doing it. Well after my daughter married a fly fisherman, my fishing interest changed drastically. I put down the casting equipment and pick up my fly rod and never looked back on my tournament days again. I had always fly fished but never to the extent my son-in-law carried it. I really got into the trout fishing mode on my first trip to the Caney Fork in Tennessee when I landed my first rainbow four years ago. That one trout set me on a whole new adventure as far as fly fishing was concerned. Now I am into the sport to the point I watch every fly fishing show I can and blog with as many fly fisherman as I can just to learn more about the sport. It is truly an amazing sport and I love it. I hope you guys will visit me on my fishing blog Fishing Through Life. It is a combination of warm water and cold water fishing.

So check out his website and subscribe to his feed. Maybe even add to the conversation in the form of a comment here or on his site. Happy fishing friends!

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