The Cincinnati Travel Sports and Boat Show

by Justin on February 4, 2009

OtterMy Father, son, and I went to the Cincinnati Travel Sport and Boat Show on January 24, 2009. It was fun to go to. We were able to meet lots of outfitters and outdoors people. I also got to see some huge boats! Every boat had a show special but I wasn’t buying. I have uploaded some photos to my flickr account. I had not been in several years and I thought I remembered stuff up on the second floor. The second floor was bare this year. My son went and enjoyed seeing all of the stuffed animals. We also enjoyed seeing the restored wooden boats from The Wooden Boat Shop. Those restored boats look great! Speaking of great looking things the custom fishing rods that Gary Armstrong had there were great! Overall we had a good time at the show but it does seem to have less exhibitors than it did several years ago when I went. It was a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

What are your thoughts? Ever been to a travel sport and boat show? Have you exhibited? Feel free to post your thoughts.

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Buster July 17, 2009 at 8:42 am

Man I love those boat shows. I can remember when I was a kid going with my parents. I would get in the boats and pretend I was driving. It was great!

I’ve got some info on boats and fishing at, check it out.


Justin July 17, 2009 at 3:27 pm

Yep my son got in them. He thought it was funny to hide in the huge house boats they had.


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