November Top Droppers and Updates

by Justin on December 2, 2008

Wow! It’s already December! Where did 2008 go! I must be getting old because it seems like just last week we celebrated New Years Day. An update you may notice is that my site now has a sponsor that will change occasionally. On the right and left of the blog right now you will see a Chevy image. That image will change occasionally as a new sponsor is found. Not real big news, but it is cool to me.

Some of you may notice that this blog uses the Entrecard widget. That is the 125×125 ad on the sidebar directly to the left of the articles. Something cool that Entrecard does is that it will show the top “droppers” for the past 30 days. I like to thank my top droppers and let everyone know who they are in case you want to visit their site. The ten top droppers for November, 2008 are: (in order from highest to lowest drops)

Want to be listed here? Sign up at Entrecard and start dropping!

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