Watch Your Time While Hunting

by Justin on November 21, 2008

Hunting is a waiting game. You sit and wait, hoping your game comes close enough for the shot. Something hunters overlook is the time AFTER the shot. Sometimes game does not drop immediately. Tracking is involved and if the tracking is at night tracking is going to take longer especially if your shot missed or just grazed the vitals. There may only be a spot of blood here and there. Hunters need to make sure that if they take that shot they have enough time to track down that animal whether it’s 10 minutes or several hours. Don’t take that shot knowing in ten minutes you have to leave the woods and come back later. Another hunter might see the wounded animal and fire on it, keeping it as theirs or the wild animals could get it or even worse the wounded animal could wander out onto the road. As you plan your next hunt, think about timing. Try not to stay in the woods until you have to leave. Be responsible and be safe while hunting.

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Tom Sorenson November 24, 2008 at 11:41 am

Sound advice – although, if you watch our videos here in a few months, you’ll see my brother and I didn’t heed that advice last month! He shot a buck at last light – sorry! It did work out for us, but I do agree with you – sometimes, it’s better to just head out and try again another day.


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