Tip of the Week: Close Your Eyes

by Justin on June 19, 2008

Buckmasters Tip of the Week: Close Your Eyes to See the Light

Archer drawing back bow

Here’s a tip to use when setting up a bow or gun for hunting. When drawing a bow to set a kisser button and/or peep sight, close your eyes before you draw. The same holds when setting up a scope on a gun or when testing stock length — close your eyes and pull up the gun.

It’s amazing how many compensations you make when your eyes are open — and you’ll never even know you made them. When you close your eyes, you will draw your bow or pull up your gun in the most natural way possible. Your movements won’t be influenced by what you see, and you’ll find your natural anchor points.

Don’t believe it? Draw your already set-up bow with your eyes closed and see where your kisser button hits your face or if the peep is actually lined up with your eye. With a gun, check where your head goes in relation to the scope and stock, and notice if you catch the butt of the gun under your armpit. One of the keys to good shooting is good form, and one of the keys to good form is having a weapon that fits right.

Close your eyes and you just might see the light.

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Tom Sorenson June 19, 2008 at 6:56 pm

Those are great tips!!!! I’ve always had problems with this (rifle, especially!) I never feel like it was done quite right, so I’ll definitely give this method a shot!

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