New Camping Tent

by Justin on June 1, 2008

There was not anything wrong with my old tent except for it’s cumbersome size and weight. I had to put my seat down in my car to transport it. My old tent was a “cabin” style tent with heavy poles. It probably weighed 40-50 pounds. Probably would sleep 10-12 people although we never tried it. My new tent sleeps 6 and is a dome style tent. It’s a lot smaller when packed up. I was able to assemble the tent in around five minutes by myself. It comes with a room separator but we did not use it. The main thing I wanted in a tent was the ability to stand up in it. I’m short so the six foot ceiling is more than enough. Packing up the tent was just about as easy as setting it up. It look me under 10 minutes to get the thing back in its bag. It went in the carrying bag easy also because the bag features a zipper that not only goes across the top it also goes down one side. I will still keep the old tent just in case I need to pack in a bunch of people but for casual weekend camping I will use the new dome tent. See my pictures below for the new tent. I’ll try to find some pictures of the old tent for comparison. The new tent was purchased at Walmart. I should also mention the lack of selection for tents at our local Wally World. There were only three models to choose from. Have any pictures of your tent? Upload them over at and share them in the comments! I’d like to see others tents and their thoughts. Or if you have a camping or outdoors blog, mention this post and you will be in the pingbacks and others can see your camping equipment.

Camping Tent Front Camping Tent Looking In

Camping Tent Back View

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