Buckmasters Tip of the Week: Take a Stand

by Justin on March 21, 2008

Tip of the Week: Take a Stand

The most effective way to hunt white-tailed deer is to take a stand in a productive spot and just sit there quietly. Mobile stands such as treestands and tripods are practical because they allow you to adjust to deer movements.

Stands work for a number of reasons. We play a cat-and-mouse game with whitetails. Deer are using all their senses to detect danger, and we’re using our senses — mostly sight — to locate them. What generally attracts your attention to a deer? Movement. Your eye is attracted to the movement. When you are moving through the woods, it is the movement that the deer sees as well. If you sit perfectly still, a deer can look right at you and not recognize the danger.

In this game, whichever side is moving is at a disadvantage. That’s one reason sitting still is so effective. When you hunt from an elevated stand you’re also getting your scent above the deer. Just don’t get the idea that being 20 feet up a tree makes you invisible. Deer will look up, and they will see you in a treestand.

Remember, air currents will move your scent down to the deer, particularly in the afternoon when the temperature is cooling and the air currents are moving downhill. In the morning, your scent generally rises.

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