Halloween Safety Tips

by Justin on October 16, 2007

Halloween Safety
With Halloween coming up it’s time to bone up on some safety for both kids and the parents.

  • With all of the lead issues out there why not let your little one carry a pillow case.. No lead there!
  • Always carry a flashlight.
  • Never eat candy that has not been inspected
  • Adults: watch for kids running from cars. Drive slow!
  • Make sure your costume fits and is not too big
  • Walk to houses do not run
  • Only go to houses that have their porch light on
  • Use sidewalks and driveways, not shortcuts in the grass.

More halloween safety tips here.

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Fire fighter 401 October 24, 2007 at 12:46 pm

the costume is alittle big because they are not fitting and the style of the costum does not alow it to be fitting.


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