Whitewater Memorial State Park (Indiana)

by Justin on July 20, 2007

Whitewater Memorial State Park Whitewater Memorial State
Park (Indiana)

One of my more memorable nearby park stays is Whitewater
Memorial near Liberty, Indiana. Its not an over crowded or overly
large park but it has plenty of camping areas and differing
choices for spots. Whitewater Memorial has well over 200 Electric
camping spots with around 45 primitive tent sites, also there is
a separate camping area for people using the park for horse
riding which contains 37 sites for horses and trailers.

You would think with so many camping spots that the park would
be too crowded but is usually is pretty decent with everyone
having a 2 or 3 spot buffer between them. Within reach of most of
the spots are restrooms and shower areas that are kept generally
clean and the showers actually have hot water most of the

There are plenty of activities and trails to blaze at this
park, my favorite being the scenic walk around the Whitewater
Lake near dawn or dusk provides a picturesque landscape and an
almost surreal feeling. If you also like to swim there is
swimming available in the summer at the beach building that also
has a small restaurant.

Trails stretch around the lake and most of the camping areas,
there are even several playgrounds for kids of all age within
biking distance which is nearby to the nicely supplied general

And last but not least for attractions is the Saddle Barn
which is ran independently of the park but is inside of it.
Accessible on several of the small driving lanes or reachable by
a short walk the saddle barn usually has daily and nightly
events, especially in the fall when they do regular hay rides
through the entirety of the park which lasts a good 30 minutes
and is usually the highlight of the trip.

All in all the Whitewater Memorial State park in Indiana is a
nice retreat that isn’t too far out and for a minimal camping
spot fee is really a deal including all of the possible
activities and nearby small Amusement park. You will have plenty
of options, rain or shine.

Park Website:

Saddle Barn / Horse Ride Website

By Jesse G. Roland

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Matt July 22, 2007 at 7:20 am

Good post. Would love to see more pictures.


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