Basic Fishing Safety

by Justin on June 28, 2007

Fishing safety is often a topic that is overlooked, especially
when your fishing trip is just sitting in the grass by a small
pond. There are still many things to keep in mind and remember
whether your by yourself in a boat or with kids at a park.

Tackle Safety:

  • Hooks – Be careful with sharp hooks when preparing your
    fishing rod
  • Casting – Try not to get too close to others when casting
    your line, and be sure to watch behind you for obstacles and
    other people
  • Tackle Box -Do not leave your tackle on the ground, someone
    may trip over it
  • Hook Removal – If a hook is deep within a fishes mouth
    do not stick your hand inside, use some kind of removal tool,
    and if that does not work, cut the line as far back as possible
    to release the fish
  • Lures & Hooks – Always remove lures and hooks from your
    line before you pick up and move.


  • Life Vest – Whenever your kids are anywhere near water be
    sure they wear a proper fitting approved life vest.
  • Hats – Wear a hat, they keep you cool in summer and warm in
    winter and also help to block sunlight.
  • Sunglasses – Protect your eyes from both hooks and sunlight
    by wearing sunglasses, polarized sunglasses also help to see
    under the surface of the water.
  • Weather – Dress for the current weather conditions and
    forecast and be prepared for change.
  • Shoes – Always wear shoes, on the water and land, stray
    fishing items, hook and broken glass are dangerous to when not
    wearing them.


  • Equipment – make sure all required equipment and first aid
    boxes are aboard.
  • Devices – Know how to properly use your rescue
  • Weight – Don’t overload your boat and always make sure
    weight is evenly distributed
  • Obstacles – Make sure all low water damns, and restricted
    areas are a safe distance away.
  • Bad Weather – Keep your eyes on the weather and try not to
    get caught in a storm, if you are make sure your life jacket is
    on and cautiously head for the shore.
  • Shallows – Travel slower than normal in shallows and places
    where flooded trees may be.
  • Night – Be sure your running lights are on when traveling
    at night so others can see you.

Another thing to remember is its always safer with a friend
and it always makes your fishing experiences better and safer
when bringing a friend along for the trip.

By Jesse G. Roland

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admin June 28, 2007 at 3:10 pm


I think that everyone should always wear a life vest while they are in a boat.


Rex June 28, 2007 at 11:02 pm

thanks for linking the Outdoor Bloggers Summit!


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