Dinsmore Woods State Nature Preserve

by Justin on June 13, 2007

Dinsmore WoodsLooking for a lost getaway in a busy world? Well there are two noteworthy niches just tucked away in the hustle and bustle of urban Northern Kentucky. Both near Burlington, Kentucky in urban Boone County are Dinsmore Woods SNP and Boone County Cliffs SNP. Both jointly owned by the Nature Conservancy and the Kentucky State Nature Preserve Commission, only in this entry I will talk about Dinsmore Woods.

Located 10 miles out from the KY 18 and I-75 junction Dinsmore Woods SNP a park just over 100 acres with beautiful 40 ft cliffs rising from the small tributary to Middle Creek. The Cliffs are a rare geological aspect of the glacial outwash from the last ice age and the only site of the geologic period in the state.

Ideal for hiking, bird watching, and a great way to de-stress for an hour or two. The park has a decently marked trail which is great for beginning and intermediate hikers. Also available in the Area is the Old Donsmore Homestead which is attached to the Nature preserve and An exhibit onto its own for yet another outing.

Parking is available across KY 18 at the Middle Creek Park which is around 200 feet from the Dinsmore Woods trailhead which contains a trailhead marker with a sign in sheet for hikers. A portolet restroom is available only at the Middle Creek Park and no other facilities are available to visitors.

The trail resembles more of a 4 wheeler path at first but then matures into a full fledged trail after passing the Old Dinsmore Family Cemetery (Spooky) and a small field of the endangerd Running Buffalo Clover where the real trail begins throw a notch in a massive downed oak.

From here the trail winds through and down ridge sides and across small seasonal streams, take care not to lose the so so trail in some parts of the hike due to downed debris and some lacking parts of the trail, but all in all not bad for a purely volunteer effort. Also be sure to keep an eye out for Deer, Red Fox, and Blue Jays which are all frequent drop in guests on your way through the trail.

The loop trail catches back up with where you left off roughly short of 2 miles from your beginning to end and most times within the 2 hour time limit. A great way to get outdoors with only a small amount of time and only minutes from the big city amenities such as the Florence Mall and Turfway Park Race Track. And if you wanna add some more steps to your out of the way nature trails be sure and catch the next entry for my personal favorite Boone County Cliffs SNP which is only a mile down the road!

By Jesse G. Roland

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Matt June 17, 2007 at 9:06 am

Great blog! I especially tips such as “How to Purify Water.” Keep up the good work. Hope to meet you at the Outdoor Bloggers Convention!


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